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Passport Readers

AssureID is the Power Behind a Variety of Scanners

AssureTec makes the world's most advanced ID authentication system for identity documents such as passports, visas, driver's licenses, military IDs, social security cards, alien registration cards, and other Federal, state, and local government IDs, including foreign driver's licenses and identification cards from all over the world.

3M™ QS1000 Full Page Reader
3M™ QS1000 Full Page Reader

The 3M™ QS1000 Full Page Reader inspects and images Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) in a variety of market segments.

In addition to performing OCR, this flexible device captures an image of the full page of a travel document in infrared (IR) and visible illumination, as well as (optionally) ultraviolet (UV) light. Full color images of the document data page, or an isolated photo of the traveler, can also be saved in JPG format.

The 3M Full Page Reader is also easy to use. Its ability to automatically detect the presence of a document, as well as the document type, means your inspectors can focus on travelers—and not on the operation of the reader.

3M™ AT9000 Full Page Reader
3M™ AT9000 Full Page Reader

The 3M™ AT9000 Full Page Reader provides high resolution passport and document scanning in a compact form. The desktop unit features 24-bit colour imaging, 400 DPI high resolution scanning, OCR data capture and can read visible, IR, UV and 3M™ Confirm™ laminate.

Scanning is automatically triggered once a document is placed on the reader and thanks to Active Video technology the document can be accurately read at virtually any orientation and angle. The reader contains no moving parts, ensuring reliability and low maintenance.

The device can also be specified to read the contactless chips in biometric travel documents (eIDs and ePassports).

ARH Combo Smart
ARH Combo Smart

Combo Smart is a compact, full page passport scanner in a stylish housing, ideal for various governmental and commercial applications.

Optional features like RFID (e-passports), magnetic stripe and smartcard modules are available.

The special reflection-free optical system ensures accurate OCR reading.

DESKO PENTA Cube / Cube²
DESKO PENTA Cube / Cube²

The PENTA Cube / Cube² technology is a platform dedicated to OEM integration.

It offers all the well known PENTA features in a most ergonomic set up which meet the needs of gate and kiosk manufacturers, hence making the PENTA technology advantages fully available for self service environments.

Two different housing setups allow efficient integration in almost any self service device such as kiosk systems or automated gates. With its optional features like bar code reading, RFID/NFC or UV illumination the PENTA Cube / Cube² is ready for future requirements, thus protecting your investment.

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