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Industry leading, proprietary ID authentication technology

Today's IDs have become increasingly sophisticated to help counteract fraud. To stay up-to-date you need the most advanced tools and data.

We have been the leader in document verification for over a decade. We validate ID data against leading databases to help counter the threats from improperly obtained real documents and/or more advanced identity theft. All while protecting the personally identifiable information (PII) being obtained.

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The one-two punch - our patented technology and intelligent document library.

AssureID, our patented technology applies forensic document-specific tests to automatically recognize IDs such as passports, driver’s licenses, visas, military IDs and many others used around the world. It authenticates using key forensic tests that are the most accurate in the industry.

Supporting this is our industry-leading document library which currently supports about 3,500 Identity Document types. Already the largest in the industry it continuously grows, adding new ID types as they become available.

Flexible technology that fits into your environment

Our software is available through a cloud-based offering called AssureID Connect to help organizations who prefer to have more device flexibility as well as a desktop offering - AssureID Sentinel which integrates easily into existing applications and operates using a variety of leading ID scanners.

The AssureTec technology is designed to flex into many types of environments. We work with your infrastructure to find the right solution.

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Our services range from Basic Data Capture to High-Security Document Authentication

Data Capture: Captures data by reading demographical information only. Typically used to streamline workflow, build databases and CRM systems.

Verification: Captures data by reading demographical information in addition to checking formats. Uses vary across many commercial organizations - from validating new customers and employees to meeting compliance requirements and other aspects of fraud detection.

Authentication: Offers the highest level of security by reading demographical information and checking all security items and formats. Users include commercial organizations from banks to retail establishments as well as organizations with the highest level of security needs such as critical infrastructures, airports and other government facilities.


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