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AssureTec Puts the Power of Easy, Accurate ID Verification in Your Hands

We’ve Outsmarted Today’s Most Sophisticated ID Counterfeiters

Today’s fake  IDs are very convincing. Detecting a fraudulent ID can be impossible without the aid of AssureTec’s patented technology. Our unique high-resolution scanners, paired with the most comprehensive fraud detection software in the world can spot the telltale signs of a counterfeit ID invisible to the naked eye.

Increase Efficency, Reduce Risk, Detect Fraud - In about Six Seconds

AssureTec fraud detection solutions reduce risk, facilitate compliance and conduct business safely and profitably.

Our solutions consistently verify that individuals are who they claim to be. Our patented technology applies forensic document-specific tests, virtually eliminates manual screening errors and speeds the document inspection process. Our software and document library is able to authenticate any of over 2,500 different identity document types worldwide, and to assess the validity of IDs without operator intervention.

AssureTec solutions quickly and accurately verify identity documents such as passports, visas, driver's licenses, military IDs, alien registration cards, and federal, state, and local government IDs from all over the world.

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